Less Invasive Ventricular Enhancement

Enable volume reduction through micro-anchors designed to exclude left ventricular scarred myocardial tissue

The Revivent TC™

Transcatheter Ventricular Enhancement System

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Exclude anterior scarred myocardium from viable tissue

Reduce volume, radius, and wall tension

Restore conical morphology

Sternal sparing


A singular focus on the ventricle for less invasive heart failure treatments

Durable Clinical Data that Lasts (1-Year)

Studies have shown that the Revivent TC™ System achieves clinical benefits that result in significant volume reduction and EF improvement.

LVESVI Reduction
LVEDVI Reduction
LVEF Improvement
Exercise Capacity Improvement
QoL Improvement

European clinical data on file​

What doctors have to say about The Revivent TC™ System

Case Study

Less-Invasive Treatment of Adverse Ventricular Remodeling Resulting in Reduction of Secondary Mitral Regurgitation


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