Less Invasive Ventricular Enhancement

The LIVE™ Procedure offers a life-changing treatment option for patients who suffer from heart failure. ​

“No one had told me that I was dying, but I realized I had no future. This procedure gave me hope for the future.”

Linda Marshall

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The LIVE™ Procedure

How it works?

The LIVE ™ procedure uses the Revivent TC™ Transcatheter Ventricular Enhancement System to exclude the scar tissue on your left ventricle that has occurred from a heart attack. This is achieved by implanting anchor pairs on the scar along the septum of the right ventricle and outer surface of the left ventricle. Excluding the scar tissue allows the remaining functional healthy tissue of the left ventricle to operate more efficiently. There is an internal anchor and an external anchor that are connected by a tether that will be implanted through the scar on the heart. The implant will help remodel the heart back to a more regular shape and size, which may result in an improvement in blood flow throughout the body and benefit the rest of the organs.

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