Less Invasive Ventricular Enhancement

Enable volume reduction through micro-anchors designed to exclude left ventricular scarred myocardial tissue

The Revivent TC®

Transcatheter Ventricular Enhancement System

Heart failure Treatment options
  • Exclude anterior scarred myocardium from viable tissue
  • Reduce volume, radius, and wall tension
  • Restore conical morphology

  • Sternal sparing

  • Off-Pump

A singular focus on the ventricle for less invasive heart failure treatments

What doctors have to say about The Revivent TC® System

“For patients this fragile, the risks and extended recovery of surgery often preclude any meaningful intervention. The LIVE procedure, which eliminates the most invasive elements associated with conventional surgical reconstruction, greatly expands the patient population that will be able to benefit from this life-saving procedure.”
Dr. Med. Davidavicius, interventional cardiologist
“The adoption of the Revivent System allows us to treat the underlying cause of heart failure by reshaping the left ventricle of the heart to operate more efficiently. Immediately after placement of the device, the patient’s ejection fraction, the most revealing measure of heart function, had already improved.”
Filip Casselman, M.D., Ph.D.
“The procedure reduces wall stress and reshapes the left ventricle to improve its pumping efficiency. That is important for treating the underlying cause of heart failure.”
Dr. Ralf Bader, cardiothoracic surgeon
“The Revivent TC™ System, as a less-invasive therapy, is a viable solution for patients who suffer from ischemic heart failure. It may provide relief for their symptoms by immediately reducing the volume of their abnormally-dilated heart and also by increasing their ejection fraction. There is no other device on the market that can achieve these significant clinical improvements within a matter of hours. We are very pleased with our first case experience and look forward to being a leader for this technology in the U.S.”
Dr. Peter Fail, interventional cardiologist