Introducing Less Invasive Ventricular Enhancement (LIVE®)

  • Remodel Heart Failure
  • Regain Function
  • Renew Life

The Revivent TC®

Transcatheter Ventricular Enhancement System

The LIVE® Procedure utilizes the Revivent TC® Transcatheter Ventricular Enhancement System to improve cardiac function by restoring the shape, volume, and resulting performance of the left ventricle (LV) in ischemic heart failure patients.

  • Remodel

    …the left ventricle with a closed-chest, catheter based technique to restore the shape, size, and volume of the heart.

  • Regain

    …cardiac performance by removing scarred tissue less invasively.

  • Renew

    …Quality of Life (QoL) for heart failure patients.​

Heart failure Treatment options

ALIVE Clinical Study​

American Less Invasive Ventricular Enhancement or the ALIVE clinical study has been initiated in the United States for the treatment of symptomatic heart failure patients with damage to the left side of the heart resulting in left ventricular anteroseptal, apical, and/or anterolateral scarring that has typically occurred from a previous heart attack.​

Study Details

  • Enrollment began in July 2017​
  • Prospective, multi-center, dual-arm pivotal study ​
  • 2:1 study vs. active concurrent control group allocation ratio​
  • 126 patients required​
    • 84 will be treated with the Revivent TC System ​
    • 42 will be included in an active control group
Heart failure Treatment options